Sunday, June 16, 2013

My father - 'Lifesaver'

This is my second Dad - Joscelyn E Lowrie.  He married my widowed Mom and embraced her four small children as his own. A brilliant chartered accountant, he worked tirelessly for us, even when illness confined him to a wheelchair.

LIFESAVER ... for my Dad Joscelyn E Lowrie

The carefree ones, they laughed and rushed
 Into the angry sea
The Master shook His head and sighed
Then cast His eyes at me
“Those little ones ahead of you
Will need a guide to get them through.”

The wind came up, the sky it rumbled
Upon the waves the children tumbled
I towed them safely to the shore
I gasped but I could breathe no more
The Master drew his ship up near
Hoisted my soul into heaven’s air.

© Jean Lowrie-Chin - from 'Souldance'