Sunday, March 10, 2013


By Jean Lowrie-Chin

On di riverside I ponder
On di riverside I pray
Jamaica is a riversong
I’ll praise her every day.
On di Rio Grande rafting
Her water smooth and fine
Where Errol Flynn and big-shot friends
Had a rollicking good time
In Hope River Parson Bedward
'Dip dem in di healing stream'
Liguanea and Mona trees
Drink up to bloom and preen.

Through the Rio Cobre gorge
Bushes, rocks and fruit
Flat Bridge warn us, “Watch yuself -
Don’t test this place my youth.”

Miss Rio Minho reign supreme
Longest river in the land
She start from Dry Harbour Mountain
And end in Clarendon. 
Then in St Ann Dunn’s River
Give the world some special Falls
Where James Bond bathe in ‘Dr No’
And tourists always call.
On Black River we safari
Call crocodile, throw line
It water the bread basket
Keep Jamaica feeling fine.

In the Cabarita River
My people fish, plant rice
That river full my granny pot
And mek me grow so nice.

Give thanks for all our rivers
Baptising us with grace
Jamaica is a riversong
We are a God-Bless place.

© Jean Lowrie-Chin
26 May 2011

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