Sunday, December 1, 2013

Message from Peter Tosh

 Out of the blue, this poem came into my head .....

Peter Tosh - from
Peter Tosh says, “I want you to know”

“Jah is my Keeper” (sung)
Whom shall I fear?
Not you, you coward
I want you to know
I did not fear you
I saw beyond your wicked weapon
I saw my Keeper saying
“He did not deserve your kindness
Come, and feel mine”
I want you to know
That you freed my soul
To unleash God’s power
On you and your cohorts
Oh – you wondered why your life
Descended into hell
And that of your thugs as well?
Touch not the Lord’s anointed
Touch not the divine appointed.
I want you to know
That the body is gone
But the spirit lives on

(c) Jean Lowrie-Chin
1 Dec 2013

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